Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame
Members of the Association are eligible for membership in the Tallahassee USBC Association Hall of Fame. There are three categories of membership and nominations are normally considered and awarded at the annual meeting. The categories are Bowling Ability, Service and Sponsorship. Honorees to date follow:


Bowling Achievement
Meritorious Service

David Beck

Buster Leon



 William A. Bailey, Jr.
 Rupe H. Johnson
 Michard D. Ikerd
Bryan P. Nofal







Fred Hubbard-Service

Harry Frisbee-Service

Richard Shook-Service

Clayton W. Bailey, II-Service



Doug Lott-Sponsorship

Chris G. Jones-Sponsorship


Bill Bellflower-Sponsorship

 2000 Inductees
 Don A. Griffin
Don A. Griffin
 2001 Inductees
Dan Gatlin  
Dan Gatlin  
 2002 Inductees
Fred G. Stanley
Ed Palagyi
 2004 Inductees
David Hargrove
 2005 Inductees
Art Wilson & James "Morris" Ouzts
 2006 Inductees
 Winfred "Winnie" Pye
Marvin Overby  


Tallahassee Bowling Association Inducts Winfred Pye into their Hall of Fame at its Final Meeting

On May 21st, at the Tallahassee Bowling Association’s final meeting, the Association inducted Winfred (Winnie) Pye into its Hall of Fame for his bowling ability.

Many of Tallahassee rollers have bowled with Winnie and seen the talents of his game. Winnie started bowling in Tallahassee in the Merchant’s League in 1981. But it was during the 1996-1997 season that Winnie’s bowling game blossomed. Since that time he rolled 23 separate 700 series with a high series of 783 and games of 299 and 298 in the TBA. He averaged 225 in the 2001-2002 bowling season and was the TBA’s Bowler of the Year Scratch champion and End of the Year Tournament Scratch in 2004.

Winnie’s triumphs and exceptional performances were not limited to the Tallahassee Bowling Association. He rolled a 300 game and a 764 series in the Miracle Strip Invitational in Pensacola, Florida in 2003 and a 300 and a 299 game in a TNBA event in Columbia, South Carolina in November of 2004.

Perhaps the most noticeable attribute of Winnie Pye was his constant gentlemanly attitude towards the game. Whether Winnie was bowling good or bad, he always had a very sportsmanship-like attitude toward the game and the competition.  That is why it was always a pleasure to bowl with or against him, regardless of whether his scores were crushing your team.

Winfred Pye sadly passed on from injuries from a car accident in February 2005 and is being honored posthumously.

Gatlin bears war scars Hall of Fame bowler rolls through pain

By St. Clair Murraine

Dan Gatlin missed playing in the Florida Bowling Championships just twice in 20 years, and he didn't want to skip a third. He wouldn't let even spinal surgery stop him, despite his doctor's suggestion last year that he quit.

“I looked at him and told him, 'Forget it,' " Gatlin said. “I would just as soon die first. I was almost begging (him) to let me get back.”

That's how passionate Gatlin is about the game that he took up 30 years ago. Over the years, he has mentored rookies, coached many junior bowlers and volunteered countless hours to help promote the sport.

Last month, Gatlin was rewarded for his commitment to the game with induction into the Tallahassee Bowling Association's Hall of Fame. A free lifetime membership in the association comes with the induction.

"I was hoping that I would one day get into the Hall of Fame. . . ," said Gatlin, a fingerprint analyst with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. "It's nice to be in there with a select group.”

He has won dozens of trophies in league play. His highest game was a 249.

But his greatest satisfaction, Gatlin said, has come from the camaraderie and friendships he has formed over the years.

As many times as he has gone to the Florida Championships, he has yet to win a state title. Nor did he finish in the money when he played in the 1999 American Bowling Congress national tournament.

Frankly, Gatlin's game is a bit slower than it was just a few years ago, when driving the ball down the lane was painless. He has always endured aches in his back because of weak bones, but the grind of twisting and turning on his deliveries over the years has compounded his problems.

As a result of back surgery in February, Gatlin now plays with nuts, bolts, screws and rods in his back.

"What I have," he said, "is a mini-goalpost in my back."

So is Gatlin ready to leave the game now that he's in the Hall of Fame and plays in pain?

“I don't want to do that,” he said. “I'm only 45. I can be one of those old folks on the front porch playing bingo, but I don't want to.”

So Gatlin continues to play one night a week, in the Friday Night League at Seminole Bowl.

His wife, Teresa, is one of his three teammates. They all praise his dedication to bowling.

"When he commits to something, he is there to carry it through,” teammate Darlene Hawkins said.

Coaching is one of the things Gatlin committed to. He ran a Saturday morning league for junior players for more than 20 years.

His daughter, Keslie, was in the first group of youngsters under his tutelage. She doesn't play on his team, sponsored by Bruce Fire and Safety Equipment Co. That would be too difficult now that they each have their own styles, they say.

But the foundation her father laid was essential to her development, Keslie said.

“I'm grateful he took time out to give me advice,” she said. “If I didn't have that, I would be doing it wrong. He was the only one that would take time out to help each individual kid if they needed some help.”

Bowlers enshrined Ability Category, and Ed Palagyi

The Tallahassee Bowling Association recently added two members to its Hall of Fame, electing Fred Stanley and Ed Palagyi. Delegates to the annual TBA meeting also re-elected David Simmons to another term as president.

Stanley is enshrined in the Bowling Ability Category, and Palagyi was inducted for his contributions to promoting the sport. He'll be recognized in the Service Category.


David Hargrove Inducted Into Tallahassee Bowling Association Hall of Fame

 Long time bowler, Association member in almost every capacity, supporter of bowling activities for many years, David Hargrove was honored at the 2004 Tallahassee Bowling Association Annual Delegates Meeting with nomination and induction into the Association’s Hall of Fame in the Service Category.

 David’s bowling record dates back to 1978 when he bowled in the Seminole Classic and Friday Night Mixed Leagues.  He has bowled every year since then.  Hargrove has served on the Tallahassee Bowling Association Board of Directors from 1992 beginning as a League Representative, followed by stints as a Director, 4th, 3rd and Executive Vice President.  He was installed as a Life Member in 1998.

David has supports the Tallahassee Bowling Association’s Bowler of the Week and the Tallahassee Women’s Bowling Association, Bowler of the Month program.