Board Meetings:

- Board Meeting, August 19th at 1pm, Capital Lanes

Association Tournaments:

  •  Galimore Lanes:
  • Capital Lanes:

  • Crenshaw Lanes:

Upcoming Tournament Announcements (Other)

- 114th Annual Marvin Overby Tournament, February 24-26, 2018 @ Crenshaw Lanes, Tallahassee, Florida -

- 2017 TNBA Regional Tournaments, November 3-5, Phoenix, AZ, more information 

- TNBA Eastern Regional Tournament, November 10-12, Richmond, VA, more information 

- TNBA Southern Regional Tournament, November 16-19, Marietta, GA, more information  

- TNBA Central Regional Tournament, November 23-26, Louisville, KY, more information 

Other Announcement(s):

-  Bowling class to be held at the main library in Tallahassee: 

USA Bowling Coaching Seminar coming to Tallahassee. Sign up here....…
USA Bowling Seminar, Leroy Collins Library, August 26th, 10 am until 1 pm - MUST sign up on Goal is to teach parents, youth (13 yo and up), center employees and other interested persons the very basic bowling teachings. Curriculum will center around how to set up, manage and run short term leagues for beginning bowling using the Baker format under the USA Bowling program. Also, materials will be shared on how to manage the teaching from week to week to help beginners to make rapid progress and enjoy our sport even more. No cost for the program, but NO WALK INS can be accommodated as we are sent materials based on the amount of people that sign up on line. The bonus is all those that participate in the seminar will be granted access to the USBC Level I on line coaching test to become a certified bowling coach. This is a $49 value given at no cost to you. After the class, if anyone wants to go to the lanes and practice what we learned, I would be happy to do so. Please ask any questions you may have and I look forward to seeing you there!