***UPDATE*** Next Board Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 31, 2015, Capital Lanes at 1pm.  All USBC members are welcome to attend!!

Upcoming Tournament Announcement(s):

- Florida State USBC Association 2014 Men's Championship Tournament:

 Other Announcement(s):

- Northwest Tournament ***: Just a reminder that the deadline for tournament entries is fast approaching, January 26th.  Please be sure all your leagues/secretaries/members are aware so Linda can process everyone timely.Please also be reminded that the 10--pin rule IS IN EFFECT, so please be sure you provide all December 31st averages.  Preferably, please send to Linda ahead of time so we are not scrambling on tournament day to verify averages.  Applies to brackets too, so please be sure your members are aware.I had hoped to include the NW FL Youth Scholarship flyer with this email (it's April 18th and 19th), but I ran out of time as usual.  I will get it out to all of you in the next week or two and will have color flyers available when we have the meeting on 2/14.  Location and menu to be announced. Time will be 6:30 p.m.

- The Final Prize list and Final Standings has been posted under the Tournaments dropdown for the 9th Annual Holiday Classic..

- Congratulations to Greg Helms (1st) and Derrick Proulx (14 overall and 2nd this year) for bowling a 300 game in Buster's Triple X league!!!

- Congratulations to Greg Dal Santo for bowling a 300 game on Thursday, September 25th and to Marty Rising for his 300 game on Monday, September September 22nd both at Capital Lanes!!!

- Congratulations to Rick Clark for bowling his second 300 game on Monday, September 22nd!!!

- Congratulations to Demetrius Hargrett for bowling the first ever perfect Game (300) at Galimore Lanes on Tuesday, September 9th, in the Galimore Classic League!